Advancing the knowledge of biodiversity and ensuring the preservation of earth’s species

The Living Earth CollaborativeTM, a center for biodiversity headquartered at Washington University in St. Louis, brings together three world-class organizations in an international collaborative that transcends geographic and political boundaries to address the most pressing issues facing humankind – the ability to sustain life on earth.

Student Internships

Summer Internships at the Missouri Botanical Garden and Saint Louis Zoo for Washington University Undergraduates. Applications due at the end of February.

Washington University in St. Louis

Missouri Botanical Garden

Saint Louis Zoo - Animals Always


An urgent mission

There is nothing more important at this moment in time than the ability to sustain life on our planet. The study of biodiversity provides a critical window into the ecosystems and environments that support all living organisms. What we can learn through the study of biodiversity may ultimately be the key to continuation of life on earth.

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